IIM Professor Uses Poker in Strategy Classes

Anyone who’s ever considered Poker to be nothing more than just a hobby sport or a gambling game; a tête-à-tête with Deepak Dhayanithy, assistant professor, strategic management, at IIM Kozhikode, would come as an eye-opener.

He has been using the game in a rather unique way; he uses the game of Poker in his competition strategy classes at the management institute.

He feels that Poker is very similar to business and personal life. The cards in the game are unknown to the players and so are the intentions and moves of other players.

The game throws a lot of challenge and puts a player’s psychological stability to the test. Moreover, it immensely helps improve the decision-making skills of the player.

Dhayanithy was recently at a poker event in Goa, where he got the opportunity to interact with some of the top-ranking players.

He was there to engage with the thriving Poker community in India and felt extremely delighted that he managed to play a few hands with the chess grandmaster, Vishwanathan Anand.

Dhayanity described the moment as an emotional one and said, “He is a calm person with a sharp intellect. He doesn’t play poker much but he could quickly relate chess moves and strategy to the game.”

Anand even shared an insight from his experience of playing chess with Dhayanithy. He explained to the professor how a chess player is synced to his own breathing along with that of his opponent’s after a while.

And that a player would consider any change in the opponent’s breathing pattern as a red flag.

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