About Indian Gaming Commission

The Indian Gaming Commission is committed to regulate commercial Internet gaming in India. We provide an international framework to implement the best operational practice requirements in online gaming sector and propagate the importance of fair and responsible gaming in India. Through extensive regulation and public engagement, we are setting the pioneering foundations to establish completely fair gaming operations in India and push the initiative to legalize online gaming.  Legalising online gaming is the right step forward and will help address issues that had previously gone un-noticed.

We work in partnership with other authorities and gaming federations to improve the integrity, security and authenticity of online gaming sector. The Indian Gaming Commission is an independent initiative by thought leaders to assist the government in regulating gaming sector with our range of services.

  • Regulate online gaming operators with transparency and accountability
  • Create and enforce best codes of practice and procedures for the online gaming operators
  • Audit, inspect, review, monitor gaming operators to endure that they are complying with the rules and suspend/ revoke licenses in case of violation
  • Ensure safety of players against the vices of problem gambling
  • Assist government in curbing illegal activities related to gaming sector
  • Encourage a participatory environment to implement better regulation

We seek for a right balance between the needs for thorough regulation and peremptory compliance in the online gaming industry. With our regulatory efforts, we aim to create a fair, transparent and participatory process to develop a trustworthy environment where all gaming operations in India adhere to fair and responsible roles in the industry of online games.